My name is Clint, and I am a photographer, obviously. More than that, I am an artist dedicated to equity and inclusion. My entire adult life has been in service of helping people in the various communities I have been invited into, and my work behind the camera is no different. In that spirit, I have decided to focus my work on communities under served by popular media, particularly those of Disabled, Queer, and People of Color. I believe that there is a desperate need to push for alternatives to what the “status quo” looks like in our society. To that end, I believe that recognizing who you are, as a being of beauty, emotion, and presence is the necessary first step toward strengthening your bonds with others in your circles, and society at large.

Why i do it differently

After talking to many models over the years, I have come to recognize that the traditional relationship between photographer and model is so often abused because of the power dynamic being so heavily slanted toward the photographer. My approach has been to rethink how this relationship works in an effort to put power back in the model's hands. I operate on a co-operative/co-ownership basis. Meaning that, by default, we both have ownership of the product of our work and we both get to set limits and accepted uses on how it can be used. I also strictly adhere to the Model's Bill of Rights, as written by Pamela Lau, and encourage strong safety practices in every step of the process. A copy of these rights is included in the packet of documents I provide on the initial consultation. In the end, I am committed to helping you feel seen, heard, respected, and validated.


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